Set of 3 magnetic soap holders

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Equip the whole house with this box of 3 minimalist magnetic soap holders!

Forget soft soap that sticks or drips. The solid soap is "in levitation", vertically or horizontally. It will keep your soap dry and increase its shelf life. Quick and complete drying.

To be positioned on smooth, clean walls without roughness (earthenware, mirror, glass, washbasin, bathtub).

This soap dish is made in France and is assembled by people with disabilities within ESAT.

✔ Made in France
✔ Attaches easily, under hole or glue
✔ Extends the life of your soap
✔ Keeps your feet soap dry and it will dry quickly and thoroughly
✔ Minimalist design: you only see the soap "levitating"
✔ Light and compact, it will travel with your soap everywhere!
✔ Eco-responsible product
✔ Zero waste and anti-waste approach

🤝 Vie.gne supports social integration through its ESAT partners who employ professionals with disabilities through OSEAT

🐝 Vie.gne is committed to preserving the planet by partnering with Time for the Planet

🌱 Vie.gne supports the local and committed economy through its network of partners

💚 Support Vie.gne to help make the world a better place!


1. Push the capsule into the center of the soap and lather around it.
2. Let dry before first use
3. Fix the suction cup on a suitable, smooth, clean and dry wall of your choice.
4. Place the magnet soap on the suction cup magnet.

🛀 USE:

🧼 On a daily basis, to pick up the soap, rotate it (rather than pull it) so as not to separate the soap capsule.

💚 Soap lasts longer and stays close at hand. It holds in all positions!

💧 Useful near every water point in the house!

♾️ Infinitely usable and compatible with all types of solid care (except crumbly products).

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