Discover the Vie.gne brand, which offers handmade soaps that respect life, with fragrances inspired by the aromas of wine and the grape varieties of our wine-growing regions.

The concept

The soft and artisanal soap with a wine spirit

Putting the soul of wine into a soft, artisanal soap, such is the incredible challenge taken up by the Vie.gne brand.

In the beginning, there is the passion for oenology of its creator, Étienne.

An unlimited love of vineyards, a mad desire to share with as many people as possible, an irresistible desire to work around wine...

Vie.gne artisanal and natural soaps were born, and they continue to enchant you with their softness and their unique fragrance inspired by the aromas of wine.

Savon cépage pinot noir fait main saponification au chaudron huiles végétales bois et enrichi aux bienfaits de la vigne avec polyphénols
Zoom photo mains couturière en train de coudre pochette de voyage en tissus pour savons vie.gne. ESAT LA Courbaisse, lyon 8, OSEAT, ADAPEI 69, vie.gne soutient l'insertion professionnelle de personnes en situation d'handicap.

Benefits for the skin, respect for the living

These are our commitments and our founding values. Located in the Rhône-Alpes region, our soap factory produces natural soaps according to a traditional formulation.

100% natural vegetable oils, grape pomace from organic or sustainable vineyards, recyclable packaging, partnership with organizations for professional integration or assistance to people with disabilities...

At Vie.gne, we are committed to taking care of all skin types, respecting our planet and creating a bond between all humans. Because the spirit of wine that inhabits our soaps is, above all, that of conviviality and mutual aid.

An ancestral know-how

Vie.gne know-how, 100% artisanal and 100% made in France

Our artisanal soaps are made according to the soap-making tradition of our grandmothers, in hot saponification, and from ingredients of natural origin: vegetable oils, macerates, vegetable butters, ochres...

Without forgetting our favorite ingredient, which makes all the difference: grape marc! Polyphenols and vitamin E are powerful antioxidants from the vine which have remarkable properties for the skin: nourishing, protective and anti-aging effects.

We rigorously select the wine estates that are partners in our work. All are rooted in an organic approach or strongly committed to biodiversity, to guarantee high quality soaps with natural benefits for the body.

Fabrication artisanale de savons cépages pinot noir ocre rouge ocre rose. Les savons sont alignés sur la table pour être tamponné au logo de la marque Vie.gne.
Etienne, fondateur de vie.gne savonnier

The founder

At the origin of Vie.gne, there is a change of life...

While in full career as a commercial engineer, Étienne decided one day to change course and return to the sources of his values ​​and passions: oenology, science and nature.

It was during a visit to a wine estate with friends that the idea of ​​combining the benefits of grapes with the preservation of our environment through artisanal know-how seemed obvious to him. But what product to bring to life?

After much research, it is finally on the creation of a natural soap with vegetable oils and the aromas of wine that she chooses. Étienne then gave himself the means to go from dream to reality: training in soap making and a diploma in oenology in his pocket, he embarked on the adventure and gave birth to the Vie.gne brand!

Our engagements

Vie.gne is committed to you and the planet

Through our Vie.gne brand, we want to offer your skin the benefits of nature and actively contribute to the preservation of our environment.

We are also committed, like the creeper of the vine, to weaving solid relationships of trust and mutual support.

This is why we promote the professional integration of people in social difficulty or with disabilities. Our active partnership with ESATs (Establishments and Services for Assistance through Work) is an example of this.

Soon, the creation of our Academy will also allow people to train for the exciting profession of artisan soap maker and to participate in the development of Vie.gne.

Finally, our commitment to biodiversity is also reflected in our active participation in the Time for the Planet project.

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"Human dimension, ethics and biodiversity are at the heart of our values."

— Etienne , founder of Vie.gne and
partner at
Time for the Planet

The advantages of our soaps

✔ An artisanal and French manufacture
✔ Ingredients that are natural, organic or from committed viticulture
✔ Biosynthesized fragrances without CMR substances (carcinogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic)
✔ Upcycling of grape marc, from vineyards committed to nature
✔ Recyclable and biodegradable packaging

Our commitments, sources of benefits for you

✔ A unique sensory experience
✔ Zero waste
✔ Without preservative
✔ Savings for the consumer (solid lasts 2 times longer than liquid!)
✔ Anywhere, anytime and hassle-free
✔ Not tested on animals, in accordance with European laws

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