travel pouch


This pouch is perfect for carrying your varietal soap everywhere. Reversible and absorbent, it will keep your soap and toilet bag dry.
Made from bamboo and organic cotton.

This pouch is made and sewn by people with disabilities within ESAT in Lyon.

Colors available: natural, yellow, red, rust & red & yellow.

✔ Made of bamboo and organic cotton
✔ Handcrafted
✔ Reversible
✔ Absorbs water
✔ Keeps your toiletry bag dry
✔ Light and aesthetic
✔ Makes your soap travel
✔ Eco-responsible product
✔ Zero waste approach

🤝 Vie.gne supports social integration through its ESAT partners who employ professionals with disabilities through OSEAT

🐝 Vie.gne is committed to preserving the planet by partnering with Time for the Planet

🌱 Vie.gne supports the local and committed economy through its network of partners

💚 Support Vie.gne to help make the world a better place!

🛁 Finally I can take my soap everywhere with me and finish the wet toilet bag after putting my soap back in it.

🧼 The pouch absorbs water with its "sponge" bamboo fibers and allows your soap to dry quickly. It is also reversible to allow it to dry faster by continuing to use it or to change your style!

💚 This pouch is also a real ecological alternative to other pouches with a coated fabric:
→ zero plastic (because coating = polyurethane layer)
→ your soap actually dries and does not sit in the water (wet soap water stays against the coated layer which is waterproof and your soap does not dry)

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