The social & solidarity trio

€25,00 €27,50

Can't choose? Grab the full pack!
It contains :
- 1 anti-waste glove
- 1 fabric travel pouch
- 1 magnetic soap holder

All these accessories are made and assembled by people with disabilities in ESAT.

✔ Made in France
✔ Handcrafted
✔ Extends the life of your soap
✔ Take your soap everywhere with you
✔ Eco-friendly products
✔ Zero waste and anti-waste approach

🤝 Vie.gne supports social integration through its ESAT partners who employ professionals with disabilities through OSEAT

🐝 Vie.gne is committed to preserving the planet by partnering with Time for the Planet

🌱 Vie.gne supports the local and committed economy through its network of partners

💚 Support Vie.gne to help make the world a better place!

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