Anti-waste glove

Anti-waste glove to recover your soap scraps and use your soap completely. It is composed of an exfoliating side and a soft side. It is made of organic cotton (net & honeycomb).

This glove is made and sewn by people with disabilities within ESAT in Lyon.

Colors available: brown, yellow, red

✔ Made of organic cotton
✔ Handcrafted
✔ Collect your soap scraps
✔ Extends the life of your soap
✔ An exfoliating cleansing face
✔ A gentle cleansing side
✔ Eco-responsible product
✔ Zero waste and anti-waste approach

🤝 Vie.gne supports social integration through its ESAT partners who employ professionals with disabilities through OSEAT

🐝 Vie.gne is committed to preserving the planet by partnering with Time for the Planet

🌱 Vie.gne supports the local and committed economy through its network of partners

💚 Support Vie.gne to help make the world a better place!

🛁 No more soap falls that end up at the bottom of the shower or lie on the edge of the bathtub leaving traces.

🧼 As soon as your soap falls apart and becomes too small to be used easily, slip the remaining piece or scraps inside the glove and place your hand inside. there you go, you're done, all you have to do is rub!

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